New Service Aims to Seamlessly Integrate E-Commerce with Tumblr

Tumblr has become the latest social media site to step into the world of e-commerce. Though, unlike Facebook, Tumblr isn’t offering any retail options itself, they have encouraged third parties to develop e-commerce services. Most recently, Coexist Digital has created a platform that allows users to buy products on Tumblr, without leaving the page they are on.

The platform developed by Coexist…


Online consumers influenced most by price and convenience, according to new survey

After taking a survey of 1,033 consumers, The E-tailing Group was able to narrow down the factors that are most important to consumers when making online buying decisions. When asked what influences them to make a purchase online, most cited price and convenience as their top motivating factors.

80% of consumers surveyed said that price was their number one deciding factor, followed by t…


Retailers Find Affordable New E-Commerce Option with Magento

Magento, an open source e-commerce platform developed in 2008, has recently been taking off among online retailers. Known for software that is both flexible and reasonably priced, Magento now has more than 100,000 retailers using one of its products.


Twitter To Expand Brand Page Options for Marketers

In December, Twitter launched brand pages – an option available to marketers spending at least $25,000 in ad dollars on the social networking platform. Now, the site is aiming to expand the experience, as they prepare to introduce new brand page features within the year.

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